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Pat Kiely's mainly (Irish)Catholic Page.

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Fr. Kevin Mulcahy PP. St. Carthage's, Lismore, with recently mrried teacher,  Ciara Murphy at an 'Open Ear' meeting in Lismore Co. Waterford a few months ago.

The meetings have been organised to give the Laity more say in the running of their parishes.

Waterford Bishop, William Lee, (Back row) with parishioners and clergy from

Lismore, Ballyduff, Tallow & Knockanore

attending the same meeting at the Ballyrafter Hotel, Lismore.

This statue is in my local church in Lismore, Co. Waterford in Ireland.

I took this pic recently and was struck by the blue rays coming from the statue.

Blue is of course the colour associated with Our Lady..

St. John's College in Waterford City is to be sold.

Last Sunday in a pastoral letter to all parishes in the Waterford & Lismore Diocese,

the Bishop of Waterford, William Lee, announced that due to

a drastic fall off in vocations, in recent years,

St. John's College and seminary would (subject to Holy See approval)

soon be sold off.

(Jan 20th.2004)

(Left ) College (Right) Bishop Lee in 2001, blessing the relics of St.Therese in Co.Waterford)

Exclusive Pic!

(c) pat kiely

Garabandal Visionary, Jacinta, photographed in Ireland in 1999.

During her visit here, she spoke through an interpreter at various venues

around the country about her experiences as a teenager in the tiny Spanish village

of San Sebastian de Garabandal where Our Lady

is reputed to have appeared to Jacinta and her three friends over 2000 times,

at all hours of the day and night over a period of several years, back

in the early 1960s.

The forecast 'miracle' and 'warning,' are still to take place & many pilgrims

are wondering if this will happen in 2004.


to hear Mother, now 'Blessed' Teresa, reciting her

favourite prayer to Jesus.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was beatified In Rome, by Pope John Paul 2nd

on Sunday Oct. 19th 2003, before a crowd of more than

400,000 people in a ceremony broadcast to over 30 countries.

Click .... to read ... A Living Saint ... by Pat Kiely

Joe Little, RTE Irish Radio Religious & Social Affairs Correspondent, talks to

Archbishop Sean Brady and Bishop Michael Cleary in Rome about Mother Teresa's Beatification.
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Eddie Stones (above centre )

with Eddie Leahy and Fr. Farrell.

Amazing Story! ...

In Clonfert, County Galway an amazing story has

been unfolding about Catholic Healer Eddie Stones

Centre in pic above.

Watch this report recently shown on RTE's Irish television

Nationwide programme ... click on right to access link...

Terri Shiavo

Link to Terri's Fight Page.

Click to read original the story! (and pray)

Visit this excellent site to find out all you ever wanted to know about visionaries, visions

and weeping statues etc but were afraid to ask!

photo (c) pat kiely June 2001

The Catholic Bishop of Waterford ... His Lordship ... William Lee

at a special mass during the visit of the relics of St.Therese of Liseaux

to Tallow, Co.Waterford, Ireland in 2001.

Bishops Lee's recent public statement asks for more involvement by

lay people in the running of their parishes as the number of

priests in County Waterford declines.

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Walsingham ... England August 2003

  1. Click to hear Fr.Stan Fortuna's exciting and lively Homily

Above left, Claire prays with Andrew from England

Well known Brazilian personality Dunga and his companions at the recent

New Dawn Charismatic Conference held in Walsingham, England.

The Conference was filmed by a Brazillian catholic TV Station called


and will eventually be seen by over 60 million people worldwide.

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Some of the visionaries or Marian

apparition sites mentioned on this web-

site page have not yet been officially approved by the catholic

church although some are now under investigation!



Hi and thank you to Mary Griffin over in Islington, London,

for her kind letter and donation towards this web-site! 1/9/03

Ireland's Holy Mountain

Croagh Patrick.

Look into these eyes and let them look into yours!

This is the photo of the Our lady of Fatima statue which

wept miraculously 14 times in New Orleans in 1972.


Frankie-Nikki -Adam and Andrew from the Music4God team who

provided the music at the recent New Dawn Conference in Ireland..

The second New Dawn Charismatic Conference was recently held in Ireland. 3-6 July 03

(left,) Music 4 God at a healing service and (right) Xavier Venkatapen

originally from the French West Indies, now working as a chef in London.

St.Anthony's Relics were in Carlow,Co.Dublin, Ireland in 2003.

l to r. Mrs Nellie Walsh, from Fethard Co.Tipp. Fr.Mario and Fr.Alexandrio

from italy and crowds waiting to venerate the relics.

Sisters from Glencarne Abbey in Co.Waterford

on a day out in Tallow. (01)

Our Lady On Egyptian TV!

P.J. O'Gorman Auctioneer, from Charleville in Cork,

running an auction of religious items

from the old Christian Brother's School in Lismore.

St.Carthage's, Catholic Cathedral Lismore, Co.Waterford.

Mass Times. Weekdays 10am.

Saturday Evening 7.30pm.

Sunday Morning 9.30am and 11.00am (Choir)


Altar servers around the Paschal Candle

in St. Carthage's Cathedral, Lismore at Easter 2003.


(above right) Mr.Joachim Ezeobi from Nigeria now

living in Cork, Ireland, stands in front of

an Our Lady of Fatima,Pilgrim Virgin Statue,

at a 'Life in the Spirit,' seminar

held earlier this year in Dungourney Co.Cork. March 03

Kay Madden from Cork meets famous Italian Priest

Fr. Stephano Gobbi founder of the

Marian Movement for Priests on his visit

to the city in 2002

Please click for details of how to receive a copy

of this amazing picture of Jesus Face

Unusual Photo

of the Holy Eucharist taken in the

Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St. Mary's Dungarvan.(28.01.03.)

This unusual pic, was taken without flashlight on a digital camera,

of people praying before the Holy Eucharist, in the newly refurbished

Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St. Mary's Parish Church,

Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

What is unusual, is that the Host is actually only about 3" in diameter

mounted in a light wooden board which is about 18" in diameter,

but in this unretouched photo, the board seems to have has

disappeared or have changed into what appears to be a giant Host.

Olive Dawson who claims to live only on the Holy Eucharist. (Jan 23rd. 03)

OLIVE DAWSON (on left) in Co. Cork Ireland 2003.

Olive Dawson speaking after mass and recitation of the rosary

at Leahy's Open Farm Lecture Room, Co. Cork in 2003, to a crowd of

over 300 who had travelled from as far away as Kerry

and Limerick to hear her talk.

Olive from Kent, England who was born in Dublin, is seen here explaining about

how she has been able to live only on the Holy Eucharist, without any other food

or even water, since 1999, which she believes is a special gift from God.

Before attending the talk I was sceptical too, but found her

a very sincere speaker,

full of joy and peace with a great love for Jesus and his Blessed Mother.


Link Just added....

Visionary and stigmatist Christina Gallagher

in the House of Prayer,Achill Island, July 2001

4,000 people expected at House of Prayer pilgrimage
Tom Shiels of Connaught Telegraph has the details
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Golden Jubilee

Legion of Mary members, Lismore and Cappoquin with their

Curia President, Ann Broderick (Centre).

The Lismore and Cappoquin Legion of Mary praesidia

recently celebrated the golden jubilee of their

foundation 50 years ago.

Click to hear Elvis sing ...

The Miracle of the Rosary.

In 1990 I visited Medjugorje in Bosnia Hertgovinia on a pilgrimage

exactly one year before the war started and during my visit stayed at

a guesthouse where I met the people pictured above.

l to r. Polish Alfie from London, Catherine Lennon,

(playing guitar) little Maria and her mam

from Bosnia ( the guesthouse owners)

and Catherine's sister, Mary Waddoups from

Worcester in England . Hi to all.

from Bosnia ( the guesthouse owners)

and Catherine's sister, Mary Waddoups from

Worcester in England . Hi to all.

Hi to Damien and Cathy Stayne photographed at the New Dawn

charismatic conference in the mid 90s who are

founder members of

a Catholic religious lay community in Chertsey, Surrey in England, called Cor Lumen Christi.

Hi to Fr.Colligan who has just returned to Brazil where he

has been a missionary priest for the last 11 years in a parish with

22,000 parishioners.

Fr.Colligan grew up in Lismore, Co.Waterford

in the 1950s and has many happy memories of the town. (Nov.02)

Available soon...

A new audio tape of St.Therese's Dawn Mass celebrated in the grounds of the

Carmelite Convent in Tallow, Co.Waterford, Ireland in June 2001 during the visit to Ireland

of the relics of the saint which captures all the atmosphere and excitement of this allow, Co.Waterford, Ireland in June 2001 during the visit to Ireland

of the relics of the saint which captures all the atmosphere and excitement of this early

morning experience of a lifetime... more details.... email morning experience of a lifetime... more details.... email


(Above left)...Hi to father of seven, Tony Hegarty from Cork who is a member

of the Emmaus Men's Christian Fellowship in Cork mentioned below.

(Above right)... Well known Dungarvan Christian singer, Jim Keoghan

strumming up a tune at the recent Emmaus Men's

Christian Fellowship weekend in the SMA centre in Cork.

International Scripture Scholar, Frances Hogan with Bishop Robert Rivas

from the West Indies were the main speakers at the 3 day

Emmaus Christian Men's Charismatic Fellowship (Cork) event

held in the SMA Centre, Wilton, Cork 02 .

Melleray Abbey Co.Waterford shrouded in some November fog.

Fr.Kevin Scallan, healing nun Sr.Briege McKenna

from Florida

and Myles Dempsey, caught on Kiely's camera at

the New Dawn Conference held in Co.Kildare in July 2002.

This religious link is amazing, please wait for the sound

St.Therese of Liseaux

Fr.Thaddeaus Doyle visits Waterford.

l to r. Tom O'Dwyer organiser of last years Charismatic Conference held

in Jury's Hotel, Waterford on Sat 14th. Sept 02 with Thaddeus Doyle C.C.

who was the main Speaker at the 2 day conference.

Fr. Doyle publishes the well know monthly magazine, The Curate's Diary

and has just opened a website...

The Miracle Prayer.

All about St Patrick CLICK HERE!

ATTENTION (Kiely's Comments) READERS: If you're serious about writing that book, I strongly recommend you take a look at this site! click here

St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Clonmel,Co.Tipperary . (2002)

Latest Medjugorje Message


left) Well Known healing priest, Fr.Fitzgerald

from Cobh Co.Cork (A frequent visitor to Garabandal in Spain)

at Melleray Grotto.

Father led the prayers and rosary during the

16th anniversary celebrations of the first apparition

at the grotto in 1985.

(right) American Priest Fr.Costigan now resident in Garabandal, Spain

with Mr Buckley,Cappoquin, Grotto Committee,

after the anniversary service.





Hi to Ber, Vincent and Ger from CoWaterford

and Isobel and Ann from Scotland

Above top left, the Music4God ministry being interviewed for RTE TV Nationwide

at the 2002 New Dawn charismatic conference in Co.Kildare ,

(top right,) the band with Myles Dempsey the founder of the New Dawn conference.

(Above right,) Famous healing nun Sr. Briege McKenna (Florida)

(left,) an amazing octangerian priest, Canon Jimmy Collins from Liverpool, England

who still walks at least six miles a day.

All were present at the first 4 day charismatic conference ver held in Rexurexit

which was attended by

several 100 people a day (despite the rainy weather)


Please click for details of how to receive a copy of this amazing picture of Jesus Face

An old fashioned Sing Song at Fr.John Keane's House

in Dungourney,Co.Cork. (2002)

Meg O'Shea and Carmel Wilkie, from Middleton (Co.Cork )

with Ann Murphy Dungourney,and Josephine Hoskins,

Bartley,Rathcomack, below left.

On Guitar, Bobby Lee from Cork.

Local residents gather for the rosary in

Parks Road, Lismore, Co. Waterford!

Lismore Annual May Street Rosary (May 2002.)

Old fashioned sing song in Dungourney Co.Cork. 2002

Above left,Noreen and Siobhan Hoskins. above right, Finbar Coatley, Carmel Wilkie, Margaret O'Flynn. Above centre, Chris Coughlan, Bridget McCauliffe, Joan Wrigley, Marie Grimes

Dungourney Church Co. Cork


St.Carthage's Cathedral, Lismore.

This is a link to a site called 'Sacred Space' sent to me from New Zealand

by Julie Lawrey who helps prepare the Dunedin Sisters of Mercy and especially

the Sacred Space web-page.

Julie's grandmother was born in Ballyduff (see pics on archive page )

Thankyou Lammert Boeve from Holland for signing my guestbook,

shame I do not speak Dutch..

Lammett has left a link to his web-site which has a link to some

beautiful church organ music..


Thought for the Week!

by well known broadcaster and writer Fr.JackMc.Ardle.

If you hold resentment in your heart for someone who has hurt you,

think on this...

Resentment is a poison:

I drink the poison

and expect it to kill you!

Meet Jim Keohan from Dungarvan and Angela Cunningham

from Ballincollig,Co.Cork who have both been involved

in charismatic music ministry for some years.(2002)

Inspiring story . (2002)

Meet Mary Hayes from Lisnagry, County Limerick who I met

this year in Cork.

As a young woman Mary had multiple cancer and in 1964

and was given only 6 months to live.

After 24 operations doctors would not try chemo therapy

or radio therapy on her as they thought there

was no point.

Mary turned to God and prayed to Jesus,

saying that if he cured her, she would attend

daily mass for the rest of her life.

Nearly 40 years later Mary is living proof

of the power of prayer, and a great woman.

Last week Sr. Ivana Troy aged in her 90s died in the USA. She came

from a well respected Ballysaggart Co.Waterford family and you can read her late

brothers interesting story first published by me in January 2000. by clicking this link.


Bernard and Leonie Boras from the alleged Marian apparition town of Medjugorje

in Bosnia now living in Lismore, Co.Waterford.

Bernard was the tour-guide on my second visit there in the early 1990s.

It just shows what a small world it is.

NEW ........Check out these books about Medjugorje

and Marian Apparitions at Amazon .com


Melleray Grotto County Waterford.

Melleray Abbey and Melleray Grotto County Waterford.

Visit this fascinating web-site by Mike Coppi below but

be prepared to be astonished by some of its contents.

(see file 11A in section 'U')

Christina Gallagher... Exclusive photo!

Visionary Christina Gallagher leading prayers in the House of Prayer,

Achill Co.Mayo ..More...

NEW PHOTOS... St.Thérèse of Lisieux Page.

Check out Kiely's St. Therese of Lisieux Page and see photos of the

2001 visit to Tallow, County Waterford of the Saint's relics,

and the huge crowds that attended.

Link to a site with info about Our Lady of Mt.Carmel.

Click this pic for larger version of picture above, look at the three dots

in the centre for thirty seconds ..

Then close your eyes, and keep looking at the

circle which then appears.

I guarantee You will be amazed at what you see next!

Message from St. Lucia in the West Indies.

There is a new message on Kiely's Guestbook from a Parish Priest

The Rev. Fr. Jesus 'Jess' Emmanuel Gonzalez-Obias, M.F.

the Parish

of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Anse-la-Raye,

in the West Indies.

Fr. 'Jess,'is appealing for funds to help the youth in his area

Can you help?

Hear the news live on St. Lucia's local Radio Station.

The Miracle Prayer. .... St.Thérèse of Lisieux Page.........

Medjugorje Message.......Men on a Mission! ...Melleray Grotto ....

Christina Gallagher.... St.Thérèse of Lisieux Page Irish visit.

Elaine and Charlie Heffernan.


(Above right) Tuesday evening prayer group

in St.Carthage's RC Cathedral.

Widow Kathy Sheehan, from Chapel Street, preparing

the annual flower tubs for St Cathage's Cathedral,

on behalf

of Lismore Tidy Towns Committee.


Fatima Novena in Co.Cork 2002.

In Dungourney Church, Co.Cork

A Fatima Novena was held to celebrate the

the 85th. anniversary of the 1st. apparitions of

Our Lady of Fatima,

to three young children in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.

One of the children, Lucia is still alive and in her 90s.

Fr.John Keane,Priest at Dungourney Co.Cork.

on the right of photo.

Rachel has a real cool Christian web-site. Check it out.


Do you think it possible that Mary the mother of Jesus,

can have been coming down to earth for the last 21 years and

appearing on the 25th of every month

in a small town in

Bosnia called Medjugorje , to leave

spiritual messages for us all?

Why not read some of the messages and decide for yourself.

latest Medjugorje Message


Eucharistic Adoration

takes place in St.Carthage's Cathedral,

Lismore, Co.Waterford

every Wednesday after

morning mass from

10.30am - 6pm...

It is A time for quiet prayer before

Jesus in the the Blessed Sacrament.


Other links.


Religious links!.

NEW update!

Click to see a short video and listen to the beautiful singing of the Sisters at Eucharistic

Adoration and Sunday evening prayer in

St. Mary's Cistercian Abbey, Glencarne,Co.Waterford.

for frequently updated, unusual faith

 & apparition stories & comment ...

But don't forget to come back here!

New Address! Congratulations to my friend, Fr. Jess Obias,   whose new postal address is,

Rev. Fr. Jesus Emmnuel Gonzalez-Obias, mf

Rector,Pope John Paul II Seminary,

Marisule, Gros Islet, St. Lucia West Indies.

 Fr. Jess, who has  done a lot of work with local and deprived youth in his area,

 was recently appointed  Rector, of the Pope John Paul 11, seminary, where

four young men are at present studying for the priesthood.


Please remember him in your prayers... and send him a donation,

in US dollars if possible the above address, also any religious books or material

Fr. Jess can use with his seminarians at the seminary would be much appreciated.


Below is an email I recently from Fr. Jess.

On Wednesday the 6th of October I assumed the Rectorship

of the Pope John Paul II seminary, here in the archdiocese

of Castries in St. Lucia. 

 This is a regional seminary for the whole Caribbean islands

  and in this connection, I want to ask prayers for my new ministry

and for the young boys that will be entrusted

to me to be formed as future priests. 

Please pray for my perseverance and enlightenment as

I lead these young men to be like Him and be His ministers.

 I am only the humble instrument of Him who has chosen me

to be His labourer in the vineyard.

 I assure you of my prayers and that of the seminarians too. 

 Thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones,

 In Christ,  Fr. Jess.


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