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Windy Weather!

Station Officer Eric Flynn, Sonny McNamara and Mary McNamara.

When the loud siren of a fire engine is heard in the distance, most people imagine that the crew are rushing off to a fireaccident, but sometimes the 999 call they are answering, , or perhaps a road concerns something like a fallen treewas the case, a little while back one very windy evening, , as when a large tree fell down on the Vee Road.

Luckily it was still daylight when the tree pictured in this photograph fell and a quick 999 call from Jim Fitzgerald of New Street, Lismore, soon brought a response from the Lismore Fire Station whose members are on constant standby at all times of the day or night.

Jim found the tree which had just fallen, blocking almost half the road as he came around a sharp bend about two miles from Lismore. Luckily Jim, an experienced driver was driving carefully and was able to pull up safely when confronted with the obstruction.