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Stop Press! Latest ....................June 23rd. 2001

The attempts by the crew of the below mentioned vessel have failed in their attempts to carry out abortions on board there vessel and also ended up making a fool of the 150 of the world's media who had gathered in force on the quayside when the ship recently arrived. Owing to a Dutch law the team were not allowed the licence needed to carry out these abortions and if they disobeyed faced 4 years in prison. Pro life suppoerters decided not to mount a high profile protest and this leeft most newspeople with no conflict to cover......

Friday 15th.June. 2001

Holland's Ship of Shame arrives in Dublin!

I have just heard on todays one oclock tv news. It seems that this motley crew cannot perform abortions on board because the Dutch government did not inspect the ship before it left Holland and will now only offer abortion advice. Lets hope this is true.. 

150 media from all over the world gathered at the dockside but only a trickle of ordinary people passed by and said they did not agree with abortion. There were no official Pro-Life protests so far.

Many of you have written to say you have been praying against the this boat carrying out abortions here. Thanks a million.

The fully fitted abortion ship manned by a Dutch pro abortion group 'women on waves,' hope to entice pregnant Irish citizens to come on board the former green peace ship for abortion advice, or a termination in its purpose built on board surgery unit.

The ship's abortion room.

A gynaecologist and nurse on board will offer abortions inside a green shipping container fastened to the deck. Abortion is still illegal in Ireland and the group hope to evade Irish law by performing the abortions outside the 12 mile limit.

Jesus said: 'Weep not for me, but for yourselves, and for your children. '