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September 28, 2004

US Border Patrol drowns three Mexican
women immigrants in the Rio Grande

A Mexican mother, her daughter and another woman were drowned in the Rio Grande by two agents of the US Border Patrol on Thursday.

The drownings occurred in the early morning hours near Eagle Pass, Texas

when two agents of the US Border Patrol drove up to the Texas bank of the Rio Grande and started throwing rocks at the three women

who were struggling to reach the shore.

The agents, according to survivors of the attack, yelled "expletives" and starting stoning the women.

The three women, too exhausted to turned back, perished in the deep and fast flowing currents of the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) which separates the USA and Mexico.

According to Mexico's Consul General Jorge Ernesto Espejel Montes in Eagle Pass, the three women were

from President Vicente Fox's home state of Guanajuato. The victims were identified as Maria Guadalupe Gomez Patino, 37; her daughter, Adriana Martinez Gomez, 16; and Carmen Bustamante Aguirre, 33, all of Cortazar, Guanajuato.

The bodies of the three women were recovered by Mexican rescue teams near Piedras Negras on Saturday.

These three new murders of undocumented Mexican immigrants is just another of a growing number this year. Due to the rampant anti-immigrant hysteria in the USA being fanned by anti-Mexican vigilantes, bigots, racists, xenophobes and the Anglo/Jewish media, the number of racial attacks on Mexican immigrants is rising. La Voz de Aztlan has reported on three heinous attacks just this year.

The report titled, "Heinous hate murders of undocumented Mexican immigrants on the rise" is published at murder_mexican_immigrants_rise.htm

The murders of the three women by drowning has alarmed the entire Mexican nation.

This will have grave repercussions. It is one of the most cowardly acts by the US Border Patrol in recent history. In addition, the Mexican Catholic Church has issued strong condemnations and has vowed to bring the case before President Fox and the UN Commission on Human Rights. The Bishop of the Dioceses of Piedras Negras, Alonso Garza Treviņo, said, "the murders will not go unpunished."

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