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Pope Benedict the 16th.

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Croagh Patrick .... Ireland's Holy Mountain named

after St Patrick, Ireland's patron saint.







Fr. Stan Fortuna at the New Dawn Conference

in Walsingham, England, August 2003 .

St.Anthony's Relics were in Carlow,Co.Dublin, Ireland in 2003.

l to r. Mrs Nellie Walsh, from Fethard Co.Tipp. Fr.Mario and Fr.Alexandrio

from italy and crowds waiting to venerate the relics.

Sisters from St.Mary's Glencairn Abbey in Co.Waterford,

on a day out in Tallow.





Our Lady On Egyptian TV!


St.Carthage's, Catholic Cathedral, Lismore, Co.Waterford.

Eucharistic Adoration every Wednesday 10-30am -6pm

Mass Times.

Weekdays 10am except Saturday.

Saturday Evening Vigil Mass 7.30pm.

Sunday Morning Mass 11.00am (Choir)

Listen to streamed audio of the 11am. Sunday Mass






Altar servers around the Paschal Candle in St Carthage's Lismore 2003

( Mr.Joachim Ezeobi from Nigeria now

living in Cork, Ireland, stands in front of

an Our Lady of Fatima,Pilgrim Virgin Statue,

at a 'Life in the Spirit,' seminar

held earlier this year in Dungourney Co.Cork. March 03


Kay Madden from Cork meets famous Italian Priest

Fr. Stephano Gobbi founder of the

Marian Movement for Priests on his visit to the city in 2002

Unusual Photo

of the Holy Eucharist taken in the

Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St. Mary's Dungarvan.(28.01.03.)

This unusual pic, was taken without flashlight, on a digital camera,

of people praying before the Holy Eucharist, in the newly refurbished

Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St. Mary's Parish Church,

Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

What is unusual, is that the Host is actually only about 3" in diameter

mounted in a light wooden board which is about 18" in diameter,

but in this unretouched photo, the board seems to have has

disappeared or have changed into what appears to be a giant Host.

Olive Dawson, who claims to live only on the Holy Eucharist. (Jan 23rd. 03)

(Sorry,I do not have any contact details for Mrs. Dawson)

OLIVE DAWSON (on left) in Co. Cork Ireland 2003.

Olive Dawson speaking after mass and recitation of the rosary

at Leahy's Open Farm Lecture Room, Co. Cork in 2003, to a crowd of

over 300 who had travelled from as far away as Kerry

and Limerick to hear her talk.

Olive from Kent, England who was born in Dublin, is seen here explaining about

how she has been able to live only on the Holy Eucharist, without any other food

or even water, since 1999, which she believes is a special gift from God.

Before attending the talk I was sceptical too, but found her

a very sincere speaker,

full of joy and peace with a great love for Jesus and his Blessed Mother.

Visionary and stigmatist Christina Gallagher

in the House of Prayer,Achill Island, July 2001

Photo (c) patkiely 2005

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