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Pope Benedict 16th.

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St.Padro Pio, was an Italian priest, who for many years suffered

the stigmata (wounds of Christ on his wrists) and was

reputed to have the ability to bilocate (appear in two places at once)

Many people claim that Padro Pio has granted

them healing,after prayers for his help were sort.

Holy Cross Year started in 1950.


Photo(c)patkiely2004 (Sept.)

1950 Holy Year Cross, Knockboy overlooking Mt. Melleray Abbey,

Cappoquin, in Co. Waterford, Ireland..

Photo(c)patkiely2004 (Sept.)

Melleray monk, Fr Ignatius, shares a joke before the

annual mass below the site of the holy year cross.

Photo(c)patkiely2004 (Sept.)

Making their way up to the mass.

Below Waterford Charismatic Conference 2004.


Photo(c)patkiely2004 (Aug)

Musicians including 'your truly,' on the bongos,

who provided the music at the 2004 & 2005

annual Waterford Charismatic Conference,

held in the Ard Ria Hotel.

Photo (c) pat kiely 2004 (Aug)

Annual Celebration at Melleray Grotto,

Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, Ireland,2004.

Photo (c) pat kiely 2004 (Aug)




Photo (c) pat kiely 2004 (Aug)

Candlelight Procession on the last night of

the 8 day Novena at Melleray Grotto

Photo (c) pat kiely 2004 (Aug)


William Noreen and baby Liam from Tipperary town, receiving a

blessing from Fr.Thaddeus Doyle of

'Curates Diary' fame at Melleray Grotto last Sunday.

Marino Restrepo in Ireland

(July)  photo (c) Pat Kiely 2004)

At  Castlelyons, Co. Cork,

One time Hollywood film maker Marino Restrepo (Centre) on guitar,

underwent a Christian conversion experience after being kidnapped by

Columbian terrorists in the 1990s, for 6 months, and now travels the world

renouncing his previous 'New Age,' life style

(June)  photo (c) Pat Kiely 2004)

The late, 96 years old Christian campaigner, Willie Fitzgerald, RIP,from Tallow,Co.Waterford

photographed in 2003, with the then recently elected Independent Euro MEP, Kathy Sinnott.


Willie, who died in January 2004 after short illness,is seen here 

attending a celebration party at  Ms. Sinnott's home in Co. Cork held last summer


Mr. Fitzgerald was well known in the local community for his writing of letters to local newspapers for many years,

about the decline in moral standards in Ireland and against the

legalisation of abortion etc.


American born, Kathy Sinnott, a mother of 9 children, is campaigning

for the recognition of Christianity in the European Parliament and

for better health care especially for the disabled in Ireland.

(Mr. Fitzgerald will be missed.)

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All photos etc.(C) pat kiely, Lismore,

Co.Waterford, Ireland, unless otherwise stated