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Tonight As I Lay Dreaming!

Tonight as I lay dreaming

I thought I saw you for an instant

Looking back.

So unexpected you did come,

That I was startled,

Caught and tumbled right off gaurd.

A host of thoughts ran through my mind,

That left me feeling cold..

Longing for that time long gone,

Before I grow too old.

In summer time, with summer wine

We passed those stolen hours.

Those silent words, those silent looks,

Spoke reams to me,

Entwined me with your powers.

I slipped from you without a word,

Without a touch being made.

Then cried I such awful tears...

Because I had to go!..

But worst of all..........

My big regret...

I could have let you know!


And Choose We Surely Do!

Its several long years since last we met

and longer since we kissed.

Yet the longing never leaves, the longing for the bliss.

I'm the love of your life, you often said,

Then suddenly, so suddenly, so suddenly,

Like a madman with a sword......

I cut our meetings dead.

I must have left you with some tortured thoughts

Running round inside your head.

But not to even ring you

Must have surely killed your love

For me

Stone dead.

The tears I shed,

You'll never know.......

The aching heart'

You'll never guess.

The choice was made

and choose we surely do!

as the years fly by,

It's no good crying over spilt milk

over the things we thought we had to do!


Tonight I Had A Daydeam,

Tonight I had a daydeam,

I thought you still were there.


Where we used to wait in summer sun and summer rain,

You in your car and me in mine,

Then tingling kisses, summer wine

Summer dresses, scent so divine.

But then I caught the daydream and smacked it in the teeth,

For you were gone, and so was I, once a lad, now just a boy.

Our meetings in the carpark,

Hearts beating, beating faster, longing to entwine.

Your summer dress of cotton, your golden hair so fine,

The passion in your kisses,or was it just the wine?

Surely those times are not gone forever,

The walks by seafront pier....

The blending of our bodies,

Rolled up like balls of twine.

But was it just a daydream

Or was it really true?

Then fleeting thoughts come rushing

When in the haze, your name,

Emerges from the darkness like some approaching long forgotten train.

Random thoughts come rushing in,

Of sunlit days, and tall tall trees, of new cut grass and gentle breeze.

But no strong hand or silken touch can turn the minutes back,

However hard we try,

It only leaves the question,

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?


Sunday Train!

A Sunday train brought your smile to me,

And took it far away.

That Sunday train is now long gone

But the memory of your smile remains!


Do we ever know when we wave goodbye,

Or kiss or hug and say we love,

That maybe, just maybe that's it.....


That, our only chance in time of a lifetime's touch divine

Has gone forever,

Will never, ever, allow a repetition so sublime.

Are we really saying goodbye forever?

If so, our wave would be a farce,

An act too hard to accept.

But through circumstance, and fate, and sometimes through choice

It happens,

And then the longing

Ah! the unbearable longing,


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