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An Irish Welcome and God Bless ye all.

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Not Just A Web-Site....More a way of Life!

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.The personal diary of.and Denis Strangman and his late wife Marg.... *

GAA all his life...Read the late Mossy's Story here. *


Meet the 'Boys and Girls' of Ballyduff. (Not Bally-Jamesduff!) *

Meet and hear John Landers from Lismore.


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Musician's view from the stage at the Munster Fleadh Cheoil.

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Kiely's Comments........Features.....Meet the People of Lismore, and County Waterford, Ireland and beyond each week....also Photos. ...and Life Stories.......and lots more!....

Hear the. . . . .. . . ... Birds singing. * . . . in Kiely's Irish garden.... *

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CAT'S BAR * . . . .The Lismore Spout *. . . A LOVE SO BLIND.. * . . . .Cheers!

NEW LEARN a foreign Language including Irish in time for your Holidays! *

. . Inspiring 'Angel' Stories. *

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Vee Road. . . . Chapel Street.

Lismore Canal * Cappoquin Rd..... Lismore Castle.......Lrg .St Carthage C of E. *.... ..Lge Pic St Carthage RC. *

Lismore Castle Gardens. . . .Large Pic Fairfield. ....All About Mocollop... * The Spout *


The Personal Diary of the late Marg and Denis Strangman. *....Oh Benny Boy! *

Sr.Kate's Story!. . . .Orphan's Story;. . . . ...Faith *....Pat Foley's Birthday ....House Sitting!

Mossy's Story *....Ned andAlice!..* . .Peter& Els!.. . . . Uncle Paddy ....Lotto winners.. .Ballyduff ..boys & girls! *


.. Latest Medjugorje message ..just out * . . .Tyburn Convent...London *

.Corpus Christi ......... . . Garabandal.. . Spain. *...JUBILEE Outdoor Mass photos.

Old Irish Blessing.. . . . . .Saint Patrick's Story.. .. . ..Men's Christian Group in Cork.. .

New Link. . Inspiring Angel Stories. Short Marian Film.


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Kiely's Travels....To Contact Kiely ...Kiely's Own Story.. *. Kiely's Rolls Royce?... .Hear Bird song in Kiely's Garden.. * ... . . Send Kiely a Real Postcard. *.. .New Postcards .* . . A nostalgic poem


Pat Kiely's weekly look at life in County Waterford, Ireland and beyond !

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Latest Health News ......*...NEW LINK . . . New York TAXI Web-cam

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New.. .. A selection of Gospel and religious songs *

In Irish What does. . ..Ní thuigim ..mean? Click Here to find out in Real audio and choose Irish or a foreign language to learn in time for your holidays! *

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Cottage Window! SEE NEW PICTURE NOW *

Dont forget to check what the weather is like in County Waterford as

seen through Kiely's Lismore Cottage window......... Info updated everyday.. *

LISMORE! . . . . . Where Kiely lives.

Lismore or 'Liosmor '( ie 'Great Fort') was founded in the year 636ad by St. Carthage Mochuda, who came here from Rahan in County Offaly with 500 monks and followers after a disagreement about the date of Easter.

Carthage died shortly after but the community he founded went on to establish 22 churches and a University in the town, which became famous thoughout Europe in the middle ages.

Nowadays nothing of St Carthage's community remains, but the famous Lismore Castle which stands on the site of the old University, can be rented as a holiday home for over a thousand dollars a day including a butler.

The beautiful Castle Gardens (open daily to visitors) attract many visitors in the summer. There are now onthe 22 churches which once existed in the town and both are called St Carthage. *

Kiely's Comments receives its second award.. Read the review by clicking on the shamrock ! * and recently a new award of 4 shamrocks has been awarded by DORAS.

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