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Can You Help? A recent letter received from Keith Collins in Wales.

Hi Pat. 

Please can you help me.  My name is Keith Collins, from Swansea Wales.   My family is originally from West Cork, but I have relations in Youghal, just across the way!!  For the past year I have been trying to trace the family of my wife, Angela, nee.Mansfield. I have had some success and have traced family in Adelaide, Australia. I have some idea that we have spoken before, but I have contacted so many people, and the old memory is not as good as it was!!

Anyway, the attached photos, are of my wife`s great aunts.  The gentleman is John Francis Mansfield, but we know not the names!.  I have more info. but would greatly appreciate your help. could you publish these photos on your site please?  I am keen to complete the picture, as my father in law sadly passed away last June. 


Before he died I was able to introduce him to a cousin from Wexford, now living in Australia. I should so much love to finish the story, in his memory.    


Please contact me if you are able to help.  I do realise that you are probably very busy, but I am running out of ideas.                                  Many thanks. 

                                    Keith Collins, Swansea, Wales.