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F rom the Land of the Small Breakfast! .....

(Unfortunately some of Pierpaolo's (the first speaker's voice was accidently deleted.)

Two happy looking Italian cyclists recently visiting Lismore on their trusty bicycles, were Minerva Sabino aged 40 from Rome whose uncle Franchesco 97 is the oldest bishop in Italy, and his life long friend Pierpaolo Patrizi,also 40 who teaches psychotherapy at a clinic he runs north of Tarento.

The two lads who arrived in Ireland in early August had already cycled over 300 klm when Kiely caught up with them and were intending to explore the Ring of Kerry before travelling back to Dublin by train.

After admiring the Romanesque architecture of St Carthage’s Catholic Cathedral before heading off once again, they both remarked that they owed their cycling strength to our lovely big Irish breakfasts which they reckon can keep you peddling ‘without a cease!’ all day long.

‘Back home we only eats, how you say? A small breakfast, a couple of buns,’ said Pierpaolo in broken English..

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