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KIELY'S COMMENTS Video Faith Page.

From Waterford City & County in Ireland.

Click 2 watch short video of Glencairne Sisters at evening prayer

If u prefer to view on YouTube click here

Click 2 watch Eddie-Stone-Healing Service video.

If u prefer to view on YouTube click here

Please enjoy this short video oflay catholic healer Eddie Stone at the Waterford Charismatic Healing Service,held in te Ard Ria Hotel,Waterford,Ireland

on Oct 22rd /23rd October 2005.

Eddie Stone who runs the Clonfert Catholic Community in Co.Galway. "It is not him but Jesus who does the healing,"says Eddie.

For those new to charismatic healing services ,when people fall backwards it is called resting in the (Holy) Spirit

and is a very pleasent experience and is not harmful. During the video clip you will hear Mr. Stones and others present speaking in tongues,

as is mentioned in the Bible about Pentecost,when the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles in the Upper Room.

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