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Pat Kiely's

Fleadh Cheoil na Mumhan 2000 News Page.


Photo of the Official Opening on Heritage Centre steps.

Photo of Sarah Cummins Tin Whistle Champion

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James Lenane............................ the Booley House, Ballyduff.

Kids at the Fleadh.................. (including Sarah Cummins)

Pat Fennessy (Ballysaggart) Nicky and Mark Newsom,

(and several vistors from all over the place)

Kiely goes walkabout on the last day of the Fleadh..... (Final Fleadh Sound message)


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Last week's Report...

Well as I speak, the Lismore is gearing itself up for the biggest and most amazing event to hit the town in many a year.... The Munster Fleadh Cheoil na Mumhan... (Slow link)

For those without a working knowledge of Irish, A Fleadh Cheoil in Ireland, is a festival type competition, of Traditional Irish Music, Dance, and Craic! (not the illegal substance causing havoc in the States, but an Irish word for something a lot more enjoyable and a lot safer)..(usually!)

An event so spectacular that going to see River Dance will never be the same again!

The erection of a giant outdoor stage sponsored by Guinness and the expected arrival of between fifteen hundred and two thousand musicians,dancers and competitors alone, out-numbering the total population of the normally quite town, not to mention the many thousands of visitors, in a few days time will probably make local Lismoreians wonder if world war three has begun, at least until the Guinness and the music starts to flow!

Fleadh Cheoil's were originally set up for the furtherance of traditional Irish music and dance skills, of the sort once to be found around the fireside of almost every Irish home.

This year for the first time, the Munster Fleadh Cheoil na Mumhan 2000 hosted by Ballyduff, Ballysaggart, and Ballinvella Comhaltas and a Committee of at least thirty five dedicated people and volunteers have invited visitors and competitors from Southern Italy, Brittany and Sardinia adding a really International flavour to the goings on.

The Lismore Drama Society are holding a costume street pageant of the town's amazing history stretching back to 636 ad.

Church goers haven't been forgotten either, with special inter-faith services being held in both of the town's cathedrals on the Saturday and Sunday..

Its doubtful if the town will have seen such numbers of visitors to its domain since the middle ages when during the 7th to 11th centuries Lismore was one of the most famous pilgrimage and educational sites in the whole of Europe, attracting students, saints and even Kings to its university which once stood on the site of the present castle.

'Lios mor' Founded by a charismatic healing monk called St.Carthage Mochuda who himself loved music, Lismore is a perhaps a fitting venue for this year's Fleadh in more ways than one.

So you can't say you haven't been reminded and remember, if you need more details then you can visit Kiely's Fleadh event page or here which will be updated occasionally through the week with photos and information, as well as in next week's Local Ireland Waterford newsletter.

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