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Cyber Love Talk.............. a Poem.

Another year is over, another year has passed,
The burning pain I feel cannot be surpassed.

The excitement of finding you was quickly dulled by the realisation
I hadn't really found you,
only a shadow of you,
a distant reflection of what you were,
what you could have been,
what WE could have been.

Cyber talk replacing real talk
replacing touch,
replacing truth!

Holding hands across a wire-less universe
instead of across a cafe table.
A cautious 'safe' meeting of minds behind a cloud of unease,
of unforgiveness.
Calculated thought sent after censorship.........
A love without the language of the body, of the eyes, of the soul.

language without physical nearness .
Language of the prisoner behind bars or bullet proof screen
sprinkled with a lack of trust.

Is this Love?
Imaginary Love?

Love messages between two personal, impersonal computers.
So easy to hurt,
to cut,
to be be misunderstood.

Love by letter written by the hand takes time.
Time to write....
Time to compose.....
Time to tear up...
Time to send....

A crumbled page can be held in the hands of the receiver forever...
the words as real as the pain
of the crumbled heart of the sender.
Words that will never cease...

Unlike an instant messenger
A messenger of empty words.
A messenger of deceit.
A voice without a tongue.
words of love, where no love exists.
A cheap valentine card bought and sent quickly
to the unloved,
from the unloved!.

Silly abbreviations for words of passion......
for real love , for a real embrace.
Convenience love.
gift wrapped in flashing lights and colour,
as empty as its contents.


this is not love ,
or the breath of Love.....
just a reflection of what it could have been.



(pk.01-02 )   






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