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Ballyduff Community Hall Finance Committee at the Launch of New Fundraising Deise Draw.

Ballyduff Millennium Sports Hall Project. (Report Pat Kiely)  Finance Committee Group Photo.

In the Photo.....Back row left to right....Declan O'Meara (Deise Draw)John Jackson, Paddy Jim Feeney, David Flynn,Shaime Daly, Paddy John Feeney, John Conway, Elis Flynn,Greta Kearney.....Front Row....Left to right..Mary Kennealy, Mary Fitzgerald (Principal) John Hogan, (Chra Comm Council) Dave Barry (GAA) Betty Feeney, Brendan Cotter.

Waterford County Councillors, Willie McDonnell, Ollie Wilkinson, and James Tobin , recently attended the official opening in St Michael’s Hall, on Monday May 8th. of the new Ballyduff Sports Centre building project, and launch of the fund-raising monthly Deise Draw.

The launch was opened by Local Community Committee Member John Jackson, who welcomed all those for attending, and said,

‘The idea of developing a multi purpose sports hall in Ballyduff Community Centre originated from the decision of the Department of Sports and Tourism to make funding available to rural bodies for improving amenities in rural areas. Following a joint Sport’s Fund-raising Committee and the GAA club application in February 1999 a grant allocation of 34,000 was approved last August.’

‘Since then all the local clubs in the parish have been contacted and they are all in active agreement that a new multipurpose Sports Hall should be built in the community field adjacent to the present dressing room complex.’ he added.

‘The new building which will open up the possibility of introducing new sports such as Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton is estimated to cost only 85000 pounds because

there will be an element of voluntary labour available.

The three councillors were enthusiastic for the success of the project and each thanked the club for inviting them..

Cllr. Willie McDonnell said, ‘That all sports organisations should be promoted, and if we can help, we will.’

Cllr Ollie Wilkinson, was delighted that they would be building another hall, and said he had fond memories of the tough matches and sore shins he received in matches against Ballyduff in the past.’

Cllr.James Tobin, wished them every success, and said,’It was good that all the local groups had come together over the project, and said it was especially good to have a sports centre for the youth. He wished there was a similar facility in Knockanore, and not what was promised.’ he added.

Earlier, speaking about the introduction of the Deise Development Draw, Committee member, John Jackson explained that the Draw will make a major contribution to the fund-raising effort and will there will be 70% profit from each ticket sold with no cost to the club.

‘Declan O’Meara from Waterford was the driving force behind the Deise Draw,’ said Mr Jackson.

Declan had given a short talk earlier and remarked that if 1000 tickets were sold each month over two years that the project would be paid for, and he offered to help as much as possible in any way he could, short of playing in a match, which brought a humorous response from the audience. He also said Ballyduff had a ‘ tremendous worker, in John Jackson.’

The monthly Draw ticket will cost 5.00 with a monthly Prize Fund of around 11,000 pounds available. 3.50 from the purchase of the 5.00 monthly ticket will go directly towards the building project, of which nothing will be retained by the county board of which Declan is the Chairman..

If the Project Committee get the support of the surrounding community, it is confident that this will raise in the region of 10.000 in the first year alone. The loan which has been borrowed at low interest will cost 11,500 per year over 5 years, and the committee are

confident that if the Draw is well supported they will easily reach this target.

Other fund-raising ideas will be organised by the finance committee such as the Salmon Festival and Pub Quiz were events which over the last year have raise 4,000.

The first Deise Draw will take place on May 26th, but John said it would be very helpful if a deadline of May 20th be set for the handing in of tickets to himself, or any finance committee member.

In the last three years the community has raised 80,000 to pay for the final phase of St Michael’s Hall, bringing the outstanding debt down to only 1000.

Chairman of the Ballyduff GAA, Dave Barry said, ‘ the new Sports Centre will be a great benefit to the area. It will be wonderful to have a hall like this, and the GAA will support it all the way.’ he said.

Credit was also given to Maurice Geary for his help in getting the whole thing together and his work in getting the grant application together.

The final speaker was planning engineer, Michael Walsh who showed the audience outline plans of the proposed building. Michael got a laugh when he said the displayed plans were not for public dissection..They reflect what I got for drawing them up.. nothing!’ he said, with a grin!’

Michael said the present hall was a credit to the community, who never stood still for long when grants became available, and he thanked Maurice and others for going ahead with the application.

He then to explain in great detail all about the construction of the new building and although there will be nothing unique about the structure, it will be built to high insulation standards and will be durable and of low maintenance, making it suitable as a building for multi purpose use, which could be used by young and old alike, having wheelchair access well.

John Jackson closed the evening after thanking those present and the 12 local clubs for their support, and said there was a great community spirit in Ballyduff, reminding people to make sure and support the Draw..More details can be had from John on Tel 058 602 87 or any committee member


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